Self Defense

Organizers reserve the right to combine divisions or move an entry into another division, if appropriate

1. Teams may consist of two (2) to four (4) participants.

2. Competitors must make a complete introduction
    a. Full Names and Rank of all participants
    b. Style
    c. Brief explanation of routine

3. Competitors must appear in full uniform

4. Routine should not exceed three (3) minute

5. Videos must be submitted unedited and from a single angle

6. The video must capture the full body.

7. Music is allowed as part of the routine

8. Competitors will be scored on:
    a. Appearance (neatness of uniform and self)
    b. Spirit (presence, intensity, body language, facial expressions)
    c. Technique (quality and difficulty factor, balance, power, focus, control)
    d. Application (realism and/or effectiveness of techniques if performed in a real situation)
    e. Etiquette (politeness, attitude, respect)...for in-person competition

9. Routines will be scored like forms, with a range of 9.0 to 9.9

10. A team’s division is determined by the highest rank participating

11. Entries must have the proper division code in subject of email

    a. Beginner - SD-B
    b. Intermediate - SD-I
    c. Advanced - SD-A
    d. Black Belt - SD-K

For questions or more information,
contact Ryan at 940-320-9266
or by e-mail at

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